Why Austra

Austra is a consulting firm specializing in high risk/high pressure projects in both an initiation and a turnaround capacity.

Who is Austra? Austra is managed by Chris Tippie.  Chris has a track record off 13 years tackling high-risk projects in the traditional, new and social media spaces. Austra possess a diverse combined skill set including:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operational / Process Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Technical
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Contracts / Negotiations
  • Training
  • Financial

What is an Austra project? They’re daunting. We’ve all seen them and they go by many names: high risk, high pressure, hairy, jeopardized, complex, crisis, stalled. They’re projects that have to get done, done right and on time. They’re projects that call for seasoned talent singularly focused on getting the thing done.

How do you work? Austra partners become a part of your team. We immerse ourselves in our clients and prefer to work on-site. Austra partners are focused on achieving a stated goal/solving a specific problem. Unlike many consulting firms, once the goal is achieved, Austra partners disengage and move to other projects

Why do you take that approach? Let’s face it consultants are expensive. If there is a long-term need, then that need should be filled by an employee. Austra would much rather assist our clients in growing that internal talent rather than provide it at a premium for years on end.

What makes Austra unique? The people and the approach. There are only two partners at Austra. Our clients know what they get – a seasoned team that can handle most any initiative. Our only goal is to achieve our client’s stated objective. No politics. In short, we try as hard as we can to work ourselves out of a job by getting the project done and done right.

What are Austra’s values?

  • Duty: We owe each of our clients a duty to achieve the stated goal in an efficient and effective manner
  • Objectivity: We shall always act with objectivity and not become mired in internal politics or vendor gamesmanship
  • Value: We believe that we have to demonstrate value each and every minute of an engagement
  • Focus: We are here to achieve a goal – the one that our clients set
  • Challenge: We thrive on complexity, tight deadlines, high pressure